Manpower Supply

Increasingly, companies are on the look out for hybrid personnel who have good technicalbusiness knowledge and effective managerial skills.We search for and groom these personnel for company use. And as there is no compromise in HSE and legal requirement; our staff must be covered with social medical and life insurance.

CLC Manpower supply department will be responsible for:

  • Recruitment of requisite personnel (i.e.Engineers, Technicians, Welders, etc.) to fit your operational needs.
  • Skills audit to identify skill gaps and lapses.
  • Career development to help organizations plan the career path for their staff and offer necessary raining, development and exposure .
  • Training (technical and HSE )up to date knowledge .
  • PPE provision with back up stock and compliance with client relevant standards.
  • Security scanning
  • Onsite follow up and supervision in coordination with our clients

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