Sinai White Cement

Misr Cement Group (Our energy solutions for replacement of butterfly valves)

Elsewedy PSP

Tank construction services At misr cement

MISR CEMENT QENA annual shutdown services including

Providing Lifting service at egyptian steel plant

Providing Lifting service at DLNG annual shutdown

Rescue gears rental at SANMAR annual shutdown

Fabrication of guardrail at jetty area at DLNG

providing Scaffolding service at SWCC annual shutdown

Providing Lifting service at PHPC annual shutdown

Civil works at DLNG site

providing manpower supply service at SWCC annual shutdown

Dismantle & erection of heat exchanger U-Tube sections at SWCC annual shutdown

Overhead cranes maintenance

Our safety solutions for Securing Confined space entry during EPPC shutdown


We accept the challenge and believe in our energies and skills, this challenge is a challenge that we intend to win because we care about ourselves and others as well.

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