collaborations Between CLC and Labor Bureau – Qena to provide

“your safety matters” Forum. In the presence of more than 200 individuals interested in safety and occupational health from the province of Qena, representing a wide sector of the industries in the province, and with the honor of the central management leadership of safety at the Ministry of Labor, headed by Dr. Ghada Ibrahim, Director of the Central Administration of Safety and Occupational Health, and with unparalleled hosting and support from the political leadership in the province, represented by Mr. Ahmed Gaber, Director of the Qena Labor Directorate, the Capital Company succeeded in organizing and sponsoring the “Your Safety Matters” safety forum. The forum aimed to emphasize the importance of human safety and protection from work-related risks in various industrial sectors, considering it a top priority alongside driving production. The lectures delivered by safety and occupational health researchers from the Central Administration of Safety and representatives of the Capital Company supported these concepts, and the active discussions from the attendees reflected the success of the forum and the achievement of the desired results. The company also presented its specialized services and explained the ways of cooperation that can be adopted with companies in Upper Egypt.

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